Goal Focused

How Today’s Culture Gets in the Way of Our Goals

GOALS. You’ve probably been hearing that word a lot these last few years. No longer is anyone asking you about your dreams or New Year resolutions. Instead, you’re being asked about your long and short-term goals and your plan to reach them.

So why are we seeing this change? The easiest answer is, the evolution of our culture. We have moved to a more empowered and results-driven society. Thanks to technology we are less patient, more informed and more resourceful…or are we? We are definitely less patient and more informed, but one could argue that technology has made less resourceful because everything is so easily accessible that we no longer have to work as hard to reach solutions.

All of these factors contribute to lives that are more surface-level and faster-paced. Yes, I just said that our lives are more surface-level than ever before. Let me explain. Today, in our social media-obsessed world, we judge someone or something on a series of photos or posts. We assume and often accept a select series of photos as reality. Anyone can have the perfect life with a couple snapshots that comprise of approximately three seconds of their entire day. We don’t see the mess. We don’t see the tears. We don’t see the hard work it took to get to that picture of perfection. Did you know that most people admittedly take 11-15 selfies before they get the “perfect” one? Considering that this research consisted of the participants self-reporting their own habits, I’m guessing the number is actually a lot higher. Did you know that it took Cathy 35 times to get that one perfect profile picture? Nope. Did you even question it? Nope.

So what’s my point? My point is, just like life, reaching our goals isn’t easy. We can’t just throw out any old idea and wait for it to happen with no action. Although we can take a picture and pretend that it happened, it would be misleading and we wouldn’t feel fulfilled. There is a process to success and it takes work. True success occurs when we live our lives mindfully, authentically and diligently.

So how do we achieve our goals?

  1. Clarity
  2. Planning
  3. Execution

Even if you think you know what your goals are, I encourage you to download my free goal clarity worksheet. This worksheet allows you to write down your goals and the value of each one. This exercise will give you insight into your why and you will be able to determine if your “why” is motivating enough to continue. You may be surprised at how many goals you have that have little to no real value! START YOUR #GOALGETTER LIFE HERE!

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